What is a virtual Wedding?

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During the engagement of Nate Santee and Sheryl in September, both took the decision to invite 300 people and celebrate their wedding on Valentine’s Day. But they were forced to rethink their plans because of the coronavirus. Nate said that he was ready for the wedding in 2021, but as there is no surety of the future, he decided not to wait anymore. They got ready for it as soon as possible. What is the Virtual Wedding and how it’s work?

Sheryl’s mom came to know about the virtual wedding offered at a hotel in Uptown Houston. The name of the hotel was The Post Oak. She gave this information to her via text message. Sheryl said that she was happy because at the time of selecting the venue for her larger wedding the first hotel that was suggested to her was this hotel. She said that from her childhood and till now, all the marriages attended by her happened at the hotel with the presence of the bride and groom. She herself was interested in doing all the hotel things. Before COVID the luxury hotel was already seen by the couple. But for the purpose of seeing the space, the couple arrived there just after 2 days. They decided that their virtual wedding would happen at that hotel when they had a look at the hotel. Nate said that just like a fairy tale all this is happening with him. The ambiance of the hotel was according to him and he liked it so much.

The people don’t want to wait for any more for marriage. It is because there is no certainty about the COVID’s future. They are inviting at most 50 individuals at their wedding and call it the micro-wedding.

It is not new to listen to micro-wedding. Just to prevent people from too much exposure, fewer people are invited to this type of marriage. For taking part in the festivals, the friends and family can be invited from anywhere to some savvy hotels in which a component that is virtual has been added. Some facilities are provided for virtual guests in these hotels like teleconference services.

Is This Virtual Wedding The Wave Of The Future?

It was mid-march when the virtual weddings’ idea came to the Post Oak. Steven Chou, the manager of the hotel said that because of the pandemic, many gatherings and events could not happen. Many of these were canceled. The sales teams and the manager asked themselves: For celebrating the event of this type how can the people be allowed in this pandemic situation and how the times should be adjusted?

The answer was found by the hotel. 6 virtual weddings were hosted by The Post Oak. Special events director of the hotel, Leo Hamel said that exceptional feedback was seen. When the pandemic will come to an end, then a lot of things can be offered to the people. These are the same things that will work now also in this situation of COVID.

It took just 2 months for the wedding of June 6 to happen, and it was successfully managed by the Santees. They were not having any bridesmaid dresses or tuxedos or any other dress. All the plans were made in the pandemic situation. Sheryl said that they continued with all this.

Nate said further, only a few people were picked out for attending the marriage party.

In order to make arrangements for the marriage party both got ready quickly. 10 people or less can be invited to the gatherings as per the local ordinances. Photographers, as well as the pastor, were included in this group. Therefore, both had to pick from the in-person invites. Later when only a few days were left in their marriage, it came to their knowledge that in the space provided for 90-person, 30 people can be invited and all this happened as the law loosened. The invitation was given to 15–20 people and this made the virtual wedding very large. Nate said that it was so difficult to search for the clothes of marriage for him because every shop was closed. Somehow, he was able to arrange a white tuxedo for himself that was custom-made. Nate got black bow ties in a shop that was ready to make clothes for grooms only. Sheryl found the dress online on the internet. She exchanged that dress with a mermaid gown when the shops opened again.

Many things were arranged for them by the hotel. For guiding the couple, a wedding planner was provided to them by the hotel. For capturing everything the cameras were arranged. An R&B singer was brought in for singing beautiful songs at the function. For the entry of the bride, songs were also selected by them. During the ceremony, the guests were able to see a slideshow of their photos which they had provided earlier. This virtual wedding happened to be very great for them and in the future also these types of weddings can play a very good role.

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